Al Capone, looking relaxed in Mercer, Wisconsin.
Mae Capone, Al's wife, hiding from reporters on a visit to Alcatraz.
In 1918 Capone fell in love with an Irish girl.
Mary was her baptized name but she would be called Mae all her life.
She was almost two years older than Capone.
They married and on December 4, 1918  Mae gave birth to Albert Francis Capone
Al with his brother, Albert and Albert's wife Dorothy
Capone with some friends and family enjoying a picnic at his Chicago Heights home.
Al Capone at baseball match.
Al liked baseball and went to games often.
Al Capone, with his trainer.
Al's Mom, Teresina with a grandchild
Johnny Torrio, Al Capones teacher and mentor.
Colosimo's Cafe, 2128 South Wabash Ave, Capone served his "apprenticeship" here.
'Big Jim' Colosimo's grave, Chicago vice lord gunned down May 11th 1920
One of Capone's soup kitchens.
Mayor of Chicago, Big Bill Thompson (left) with his advesary William 'decent' Denver (right) and their wives.
Dion O'Bannion, Gangster and flower seller.
 O'Banion & Moran sent a whole motorcade of machine gun happy mobsters past Capones Cicero headquarters. Over 1000 rounds were fired into Capone's headquarters building but Al escaped without a scratch.
George 'Bugs' Moran (centre, leather jacket) at one of his many trials
Al Capone's plan to wipe out 'Bugs' Moran goes wrong.
St Valentines Day Massacre
February 14, 1929 a bizarre day in the history of gang warfare. It was on this date that four members of Al Capone's Chicago gang trapped seven members of their rival gang (headed by "Bugs" Moran) and brutally shot them. Capone's gang members, dressed as policemen, cornered Moran's gang members near a Chicago warehouse. They then told them to place their hands on the wall. Moran's men, under the assumption that this was a routine police check, obeyed without resistance. Capone's men proceeded to pull out sawed off shotguns and sub-machine guns and shot the men in the back, firing squad style.
Andrew Volstead (1869-1947) Minnesota Congressman
Author of the Volstead Act, which brought prohibition to the USA in 1920
Al Capone (centre) with his lawyers, Michael Allern (left) and Albert Fink (right)
George E.Q Johnson, US attorney who led the prosecution case against Capone
Eliot Ness, best known for bringing down Al Capone. Sorry, he really wasn't the guy responsible !
 Ness also,  spent time as Cleveland's safety director and later ran for mayor of the city.
 Here a radio broadcast of one of  one of  Ness's raids.
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Eliot Ness (right), onetime scrouge of Al Capone
As for Eliot Ness's famous dueling with Al Capone, that did actually happen. "Ness was an annoyance to Capone, busting up distilleries and stopping Capones men from making deliveriers.
The investigative jurisdiction of the Bureau of Investigation during the 1920s and early 1930s was more limited than it is now, and the gang warfare and depredations of the period were not within the
Bureau's investigative authority.
But most people know Capone went to jail for tax evasion. Neither Ness nor his Untouchables had anything to do with it. The unsung heroes were actually three IRS intelligence agents headed by Elmer Iray.
Frank Wilson, IRS agent who investigated Capone's finances.
Al Capone's verdict sheet from his trial for tax evasion.
Only convicted on five counts it was still enough to send Big Al away for several years.
Alcatraz, where Capone spent much of his time inside.
On November 16, 1939, Al Capone was released after having served seven years, six months and fifteen days, and having paid all fines and back taxes.
Ralph Capone, giving out beer to reporters outside the Capone Florida estate.
 An estate on Palm Island in Biscayne Bay near Miami, which he had purchased in 1928.
Al Capone lies dying inside.
Al Capone died in this room, January 25th 1947
Al Capone's grave, in Mount Carmel cemetery, Chicago.